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Plumcot; Flavor Fall -FF 4672

Cultivar; Flavor Fall 

Clone Number;   FF 4672                                                                                         

Origin; Zaiger genetics, USA

Royalties/ Levies; not enough data

Yield; 45 tonnes/ hectare

Fruit use; fresh

Type;  not enough data


Water requirements; water to a depth of 609mm every 14-21 days 

Sun requirements; 6 to 8 hours per day

Chill hours; 600 to 1000

Pruning; prune in early spring or summer on a dry day to prevent water-borne pathogens from infecting your trees. Prune only when absolutely necessary- such as to remove dead branches, diseased sections and to shape the tree in it's initial years. Apply a pruning paint to help seal the cut.

soil requirements; a well-draining soil type with a pH of 6 to 7 is best. Sandy or clay soils must be avoided at all costs.

Soil depth; at least 600mm is recommended

Fertiliser requirements; be careful not to over fertilise young trees. Pluots less than 3 years old should be given minimal fertiliser. Trees older than 3 years can be given fertiliser after bud break. 10-10-10 fertilisers and zinc foliar sprays are best.

Pollination requirements; plumcots are not self-fertile, and so require another variety for fertilisation. 

Successful test-crosses; Betty Anne, Rubirosa, Flavorite

Bloom time; not enough data

Harvest time; late

Vigour;  not enough data

Size and shape; not enough data

Tree age;  will start fruiting around year 3 to 5.

Average life span;  plumcots have a short life span in colder regions, but generally live for 15- 25 productive years depending on the rootstock used.

Susceptibility to pests and diseases; 

General notes;

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