Cultivar; ARC PR-2 (PR00-29) African Delight 

Clone Number;  ZD 372                                                                               

Origin; ARC, May 2008

Royalties/ Levies; ZAR 7.88 Production royalty: R0.47/kg fruit

Yield; excellent, 25kg/tree

Fruit use; fresh

Type; cling stone

Shelf-life; good, lasts about 6 weeks at single and dual temperatures

Water requirements; water to a depth of 609mm every 14-21 days 

Sun requirements; 6 to 8 hours per day

Chill hours; 200-400

Pruning; prune in early spring or summer on a dry day to prevent water-borne pathogens from infecting your trees. Prune only when absolutely necessary- such as to remove dead branches, diseased sections and to shape the tree in it's initial years. Apply a pruning paint to help seal the cut.

soil requirements; a well-draining soil type with a pH of 6 to 7 is best. Sandy or clay soils must be avoided at all costs.

Soil depth; at least 600mm is recommended

Fertiliser requirements; be careful not to over fertilise young trees. Plums less than 3 years old should be given minimal fertiliser. Trees older than 3 years can be given fertiliser after bud break. 10-10-10 fertilisers and zinc foliar sprays are best.

Pollination requirements; self-fertile

Successful test-crosses; pioneer is generally most recommended should you wish to cross pollinate

Bloom time; September

Harvest time; February

Vigour;  moderate

Size and shape; semi-spreading

Tree age;  will start fruiting around year 3 to 5.

Average life span;  plums have a short life span in colder regions, but generally live for 15- 25 productive years depending on the rootstock used.

Susceptibility to pests and diseases; normal

General notes; high intensity of flowers means that fruit thinning is recommended, a plum wrapper or plastic bag is required to prevent these plums from shrivelling up.

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