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Sutter Prunes

Cultivar; Sutter 

Clone Number; ZT 6566                                       

Origin; US

Royalties/ Levies; R 18.00

Yield; good

Fruit use; dried

Type; relatively loose-stone

Shelf-life; not enough data

Water requirements; water to a depth of 609mm every 14-21 days 

Sun requirements; 6 to 8 hours per day

Chill hours; not enough data

Pruning; prune in early spring or summer on a dry day to prevent water-borne pathogens from infecting your trees. Prune only when absolutely necessary- such as to remove dead branches, diseased sections and to shape the tree in it's initial years. Apply a pruning paint to help seal the cut.

soil requirements; a well-draining soil type with a pH of 6 to 7 is best. Sandy or clay soils must be avoided at all costs.

Soil depth; at least 600mm is recommended

Fertiliser requirements; be careful not to over fertilise young trees. Trees less than 3 years old should be given minimal fertiliser. Trees older than 3 years can be given fertiliser after bud break. 10-10-10 fertilisers and zinc foliar sprays are best.

Pollination requirements;self-pollinated

Successful test-crosses; self

Bloom time; not enough data

Harvest time; early

Vigor;  strong

Size and shape; not enough data

Tree age;  will start fruiting around year 3 to 5.

Average life span;  prunes have a short life span in colder regions, but generally live for 15- 25 productive years depending on the rootstock used.

Susceptibility to pests and diseases; normal

General notes;can be harvested mechanically, although some fruit damage may occur. Pits are longer than average, so pitting machines may have to be adjusted. Not recommended for peach or Citation rootstock as the scion and stock do not bond properly. We recommend that you use Marianna rootstock for this prune.

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