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We are a wholesale fruit tree nursery that specialises in growing  fruit trees from both seed and cuttings using sustainable farming practices developed by our family over the past four generations, which we then expertly bud and/or graft to your specifications using quality-controlled methods to produce premium fruit trees which are disease and pest-free. All of our plant material is fully-certified - whenever possible. We mainly supply South Africa, but can ship to almost anywhere.

montagu mountains

Our Climate;


Montagu has an average annual temperature of 17.5°C.

Our  average annual humidity is 76.0%.

The Western Cape  PCU  (positive chill units) per year is roughly 1500 or less.

The annual rainfall for our area is 334mm.

And our average yearly sun hours add up to 3125.

Montagu is the perfect growing environment for fruit trees, as the chilly evenings and warm, sunny days allow for the germination and growth of most types of stone fruit trees- without the excessive frost or cold that could potentially harm the new seedlings during their crucial developmental stages. In addition, the dry arid days help prevent the soil from getting waterlogged and causing root rot or other water-related pathogens. 

fruit tree water requirements

Our Soil;

We have three main types of soil on our farm. Namely;

-clay (between 5.5 and 7 on the pH scale)

-loam (6 to 6.5)

-and shale.

We utilise these different soil types to the best of our ability, growing cultivars that like more acidity and slow-draining soils in clay, those that need good aeration, lots of nutrients and root space in the loam soil and the shale soil makes the perfect environment for trees that require fertile and quick-draining soils.

Our Water;


We use a mixture of pure mountain water and CBR water which comes from the Breede River.

The mountain water has a pH of 6.7

And the CBR waters pH varies depending on the season and rainfall (due to the fact that the CBR water is pumped from the Breede River).

Please continue on to the next page to see a list of our certificates and accreditations.

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