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Peaches;Western Cling -WC 1070

Cultivar;Western Cling 

Clone Number;WC 1070                                                                                                       

Origin;ARC Infruitec, 1994

Royalties/ Levies; ZAR 6.84

Yield;   good, 

Fruit use; fresh, canning

Type; cling

Shelf-life; moderate to good

Water requirements; 36 inches of water per tree per year or about 1508760mm per hectare

Sun requirements; full sun (at least 6-8 hours daily). Morning sun is best as it helps dry out the cold morning dew

Chill hours; 200 to 400 hours

Pruning; Prune to keep the tree short, and ensure that the branches don't block out sunlight for the rest of the tree.

soil requirements; deep,sandy clay (if it can be amended to drain well) or loam soil with a pH of about 6.5 is best.

Soil depth; 30cm deep at least, loose soil is recommended

Fertiliser requirements; 10-10-10 fertiliser can be sprinkled around the base at a distance of 21cm from the trunk

Pollination requirements; self-fertile

Successful test-crosses; not necessary

Bloom time;August

Harvest time; December

Vigour; strong

Size and shape; semi upright

Tree age; will start to fruit at 2 to 4 years, but will only produce significantly once they mature to 4 years.

Average life span; approximately 20 years (maximum) depending on the rootstock used.

Susceptibility to pests and diseases; normal

General notes; good for local and export market

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